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Date: 16th October, 18.30 – 20.30

This event has now ended. 

Location: Kirkaldy Testing Museum, Southwark Street, London SE1 OJF

A networking event where people from the Science world could meet and talk to their opposite numbers from the Arts. The event was in collaboration with the Dennis Rosen Trust.

The Rosen Trust exists to foster both greater understanding of art by scientists and of science by artists. This applies to every area of scientific and artistic endeavour. For artists it is both to make the basic areas of science intelligible to them so that they might act as materials for artistic development, and also to encourage artists to tackle scientific themes directly. For scientists it is to encourage thinking about the human and ethical dimensions of their work and also to encourage better writing by scientists as well as a deeper appreciation of non-scientific culture. These two important communities will have a place to meet; exchange ideas, and perhaps even kick start some collaborative projects.

 The evening included a talk by artist James Capper who is an artist in residence at the Kirkaldy Testing Museum.  

This event was the third in a series (Merge 2011, 2012)