Drive Dead Slow: Dodgems of Your Mind.

Collective of artists.

The ultimate dodgem experience.

FREE 12 – 4pm, £5 tickets 4 – 7pm
LOCATION Southwark Fire Brigade, Southwark Bridge Road (Entrance on Sawyer Street), SE1 0EG
DATES 12 May – 4 June. Wednesday – Sunday.
TIMES 12 – 7pm (FREE 12 – 4pm, £5 at other times) 
MUSIC NIGHTS Check back for special music events on Friday nights

Eventbrite - Drive Dead Slow - The Ultimate Dodgem Experience (MAY)

Specially commissioned for MERGE Bankside 2017, a collective of visual, sound and light artists has collaboratively created the world’s first artist-designed bumper car arena; a spectacle that elevates mere bumper cars to performance art. In a disused fire station, Drive Dead Slow: Dodgems of Your Mind promises to take you on an unexpected psychological journey. 

Step into a 1960s converted Supercar fitted with sensors, sound systems and lights, creating a feast for the senses. After your mood is categorised on the Plutchik wheel of emotions, you will be matched to a car – each of which is designed to interact with you in a different way. With all cars full, you are unleashed on the strange and lurid landscape. 

Drive Dead Slow celebrates the centenary of ‘The Whirl of The World’, a ride first experienced in London where the motion was created by an arrangement of tilting floor panels. This evolved to become the dodgems we know today. Your Supercar is the cousin to the very first British made dodgem car which launched in 1934.  Repositioning the iconic fairground ride, Drive Dead Slow takes the location of a disused fire station, traditionally a place of order and safety, and mixes it with the chaos and random collisions of a fleet of dodgems, and light and sound installations that mirror the action. 

Drawing upon the colours that characterise the wheel of emotions, Bompas & Parr have created the Plutchik Café specially for this MERGE headline, serving Bompas & Parr’s Saussure Gin that changes colour from dark blue to light pink as polarised tonic is added

About the artists:

Artists delivering this project include Marcus Lyall, the British artist behind award-winning stage visuals for the Chemical Brothers and Metallica,  former KLF member and cultural provocateur Jimmy Cauty, Sam Bompas, co-founder of Bompas & Parr - industry leaders in flavour-based experience design, Tony Pletts, director of a London based company specialising in art direction and construction for the film industry, Ed Baxter who manages the world’s first radio art station ResonanceFM, Dave Cranmer, creator of electro-mechanical machines and sculptures, Luke Morgan, co-founder of Supergrouplondon, and Bankside artist and designer Tim Sheward.

Kindly supported by DPI.