6 Robots named Paul by Patrick Tresset


Location: NEO Bankside, Pavillon A, 50 Holland Street, London, SE1 9FU


Patrick Tresset, a French artist/scientist currently based in London, presented 6 robots in a site-specific artist's studio. Gallery visitors were able to have their portrait sketched by 6 of Tresset's robots. Each robot would draw the sitter from a different point of view; the drawings would then make up the exhibition in the space. The public could pre-book a slot to come and sit for a portrait. The robots also drew all the artists and musicians involved in the festival to create a special exhibition.


For Tresset, his cybernetic face-sketcher does not pretend to be human. It is only an obsessive drawing entity. It has "eyes" linked  to  an artificial mind, which imperfectly simulates a small part of Tresset's abilities.

Its singular drawing arm has limited freedom of gestures, which makes it only able to apply simple tracing actions. Yet, it is capable of displaying attention and purpose when focusing on a sitter or their image and drawing their portraits in a style akin to Tresset's own.


About Robotics, Art, Madness and Immortality...

Patrick is currently a researcher at Goldsmiths University, London where he co-directs the AIkon-II project with Frederic Fol Leymarie. This project was in part funded by the Leverhulme Trust.

Patrick has exhibited his robotic artworks in New York, France, Istanbul, Malta, Milan as well as in several museums and locations in London, including Tenderpixel gallery, Victoria & Albert Museum, Science Museum, The London Art fair, Kinetica Art Fair 2012.

A sketch by Paul is part of the Victoria & Albert Museum's collections.

Patrick also took part in the crucible event on 11th October where both artists and scientists had the opportunity to network with each other. Visit page

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