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Riverside Stage - 5th October

Sunday 5th October

Curated by Rena Beck from the eclectic world music venue Jamboree

5.00 Top Shelf Band

4.00  Franky & the Jacks

3.00  Garance Louis & the Mitochondries

2.00  spannertate

1.00   The Petrels

12.00 Theo Bard


Sunday 5th October

Curated by Rena Beck from the eclectic world music venue Jamboree

The Top Shelf - sunday 5th oct-jamboree line up.jpg


Sunday 5th October 5.00 – Riverside Stage 

Les Enfants "Despicable", direct from Lucifer's Liquor BoxDrinking class heroes; Errant princelings from the Vaudeville other world: they are a miscreant 'Tour de Farce', delivering stomping, original tunes. The band has distilled their probable influences into a weapons grade genre, "Filthy Swing" - A subversive corruption of Tom Waits, 'The Bonzo Dog Band', Cab Calloway & 'Queen'. Louche Licks & Feculent Grooves; Visual, visceral & often savagely funny; they have travelled far flung places and have already supported Camille O'Sullivan, Paloma Faith, Kid Creole, Lana Del Ray, Jessie J, Brian Ferry, buena Vista Social Club & Olly Murs!

"Making History: the first band to have played on all three stages here at the Royal Albert Hall!"

" Calling all beatniks, comrades, comraves, tropical gangsters- lend me your ears: the goodness has arrived. Thank the gods. Fast and Louche is too real to be missed. Now I can relax in my hammock with an all-knowing smile... for the torch has truly been passed on to the next generation of hipsters. Ride the Pegasus mu brothers and sisters. Excelsior." - Kid Creole.



Sunday 5th October 4.00 – Riverside Stage 

Since their formation in a run down old factory in East London in February 2011, Franky and the Jacks have gone from strength to strength, working hard at creating a sound that is both genuine and innovative. Strongly influenced by the gypsy jazz rhythms championed by the likes of Django Reinhardt and Les Doigts de L’homme, with songs that are more lyrically akin to the storytelling country styles of Hank Williams and Townes Van Zandt, they still manage to keep their sound firmly on British soil. Many of the songs can appear simultaneously both uplifting and tragic. Recent highlights include supporting The Puppini Sisters at The Union Chapel, drawing rapturous crowds at Bestival 3 years running, playing Wilderness, Secret Garden and support for The Correspondents.

"Franky and the Jacks are one of the most mesmerising groups I've seen in a long time. They play and sing like devils, and they are gorgeous! I have no doubt they are going to be absolutely huge". Marcella Puppini


Sunday 5th October

Curated by Rena Beck from the eclectic world music venue Jamboree


Sunday 5th October 3.00 – Riverside Stage 

Garance is a song writer and accordionist from rural southern France. Her band “The Mitochondries” are a rag tag ensemble of gifted rogues she acquired from the street corners of London. Together they make a very beautiful, quirky and rickety musical family. They mix destroyed dynamics and unexpected changes with traditional folkloric styles…You could call it a kind of “dirty tango, rock n roll, post-musette, tramp jazz, progressive gypsy…” Or give up on generic descriptions and just experience the band and their music!






Sunday 5th October 2.00 – Riverside Stage 

Spannertate’s psychedelic European folk is awry with theatrical tragedy, surreal French fantasies and delicately woven ethereal harmonies. Spannertate assemble ancient folk traditions interchangeably upon the accordion, recorder, clarinet, zither, violin, viola, guitar, ukulele generating eclectic world and folk tones of Serphadic, Hungarian, Balkan, Incredible String Band and Jacques Brel inspiration.



Sunday 5th October 1.00 – Riverside Stage 

The Petrels are a dark trio with three siren voices that slide between chilling harmonies and into unison to sing the brutal truth!  A year ago, Tash and Beth (blues/ country/ raw gospel duo) joined forces with Charlotte Aggett from All the Queens Ravens and made a pact to sing with uncompromising honesty about love and betrayal, cutting deep into dark hearts, and have since reduced grown men to tears! Inspired by, amongst many others, Kate Bush, Patti Smith, Stevie Nicks and Big Mama Thornton, and with infectious melodies and voices that startle as well as soothe, their sound is unique. They are gathering a steady and loyal following in London and are soon to unleash their soul vomit on unsuspecting folk across Europe. All three are members of the Fat White Manson Family who have been traumatising South London on a periodic basis since last summer.



Sunday 5th October 12.00 – Riverside Stage 

Inspired songwriter, avid one-man-band busker, and live music
obsessive, Theo is to be found in all the most beautiful, unusual and
intimate music spots in his own London Town; singing his own uplifting
songs, expertly picking on his guitar, while striking out bold beats
with his feet.

Classically trained from the age of 4 on violin, Theo has studied folk
singing and guitar, african percussion, electric bass, and is
currently working on his music production skills. His album 'The
Springtime Fool' with his group Bard was chosen as Top of the World by
Songlines Magazine and received acclaim in the folk press.

These days his band move feet and win hearts as Theo Bard Posse,
though for one day only we have the one-man-band show he has honed on
London's streets.