Museum of Fractures. Sammy Kissin.

Site-specific performance in Kirkaldy Testing Museum.

Tickets are limited and cost £15, including a drink.
LOCATION Kirkaldy Testing Museum, 99 Southwark
Street, SE1
DATES 17 May – 21 May. Wednesday - Sunday.
TIMES Weeknights 6.30pm, 7.45pm, 9pm. Weekend 2.30pm, 4.30pm, 7.30pm
Each performance lasts an hour

Eventbrite - MUSEUM OF FRACTURES by Sammy Kissin

99 Southwark Street houses a sleeping Dragon. Here, right in the heart of London, one of the last giants of the steel age lies slumbering – Mr Kirkaldy's eponymous Universal Testing Machine. Here she is, oiled and primed, ready at any moment to throw her 100-tonne-industrial-era weight to test the strength of any material placed between her jaws.

How do you think you would fare?

Commissioned for MERGE Bankside and the 150th anniversary of Kirkaldy’s Testing Museum, this shattering performance asks what happens when we, as humans, have our strengths tested?

For over a hundred years, thousands of material specimens from all over the world came through the doors of 99 Southwark Street to be tested for their strength – stretched, punched, crushed, pulled and pierced. It was a place of ‘Facts not Opinions’ as it states over the door.

Upstairs the remnants were displayed in a ‘Museum of Fractures’; fragments of broken bridges, airplanes, ocean liners – wrecked relics of the past. 

How are we tested? And when we are, will we swing back, elastic? Or will we remain bent out of shape? And broken?

"Kissin is almost like a modern-day Marlowe, and it’s so rare to hear performance prose of such beauty crop up on the London new writing scene’ Grumpy Gay Critic

About the artist:

Sammy Kissin is a playwright and performer who looks for the quirk and the edge in the everyday. In her third year working with MERGE, she is thrilled to have Kirkaldy's Testing Museum as her muse. Sammy studied at Manchester, trained as an actor at LAMDA and lives on a barge on the Thames.