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The Feel Good Institute: A multi-sensory experience Artist: Various artists

Vistors journeyed through a series of installations including a midnight rainbow, a flash of love, a visceral sound and light installation, and theatrical experiences. 

Where: 183-185 Union Street, London SE1 0LN

When: 12 – 7 pm, Wednesday – Sunday from 8 June – 1 July 

Admission: This was a free event.

A feel-good experience awaited you on Union Street! As you travelled through a series of rooms you were encouraged to see the world in a different way…

Installations included:

Title: You Will Be Possessed By Love In 30 Seconds

Artist: Hideyuki Sawayanagi

At first glance, the piece seemed like a simple video projection without sound in a dark space. A title appeared, followed by a 30-second countdown, and one quick flash left you with LOVE in your eyes. The word remained imprinted on the viewer’s retina, changing colour for several minutes. Wherever you looked, ‘LOVE’ was all around. 

About the artist: 

Hideyuki Sawayanagi is an award winning Japanese artist known for his engaging light installations and incredible half-tone photographs, created by drilling hundreds of small holes at variable widths into sheets of aluminium. Hideyuki has a background in Economics as well as an MA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths College London.  

Title: Oscillate: Wave No.1

Artist: Silvern Collective

Inspired by the therapeutic effects of sound and light frequencies, Oscillate: Wave No.1  took you on a journey of well-being. Participants were placed in a cocoon of light where they were transported into a visual and aural trip of relaxation as the sonic waves washed over them. 

The Silvern Collective combined ancient mythology and technology to create this visceral sound and light installation. Light and sound are important to our health and how we relate to the world. The Silvern Collective's aim was to positively raise our state of feeling by introducing us to resonant frequencies that are known to revitalise humans.  

About the artists:

The Silvern Collective are an elusive group of enigmatic artists and musicians with a wealth of professional experience across the arts. Anonymity is essential for the group who keep their identities hidden to add to the mysterious dynamic of their work. Together the Silvern Collective have experience in the arts and music industry, working with Radiohead, Nick Cave, The Prodigy, Paul Weller, Spiritualised, and Metallica, amongst others. 


Amazing! Almost impossible to leave the Oscillate room. We are reborn. Louise Mansfield.

Title: Everything we are capable of seeing 

Artist: Alistair McClymont

Renowned installation artist Alistair McClymont created a spectral midnight rainbow for MERGE Bankside. This interactive rainbow in a darkened room filled with ethereal mist allowed you to interpret things in a different light, as colours dispersed then reappeared as you moved through. 

Rainbows have made appearances in folk law since the beginning of storytelling; a symbol of positivity, hope and new beginnings ‘over the rainbow.’ 

Scientifically rainbows are a meteorological phenomenon caused by the reflection, refraction and dispersion of light in water droplets, resulting in a full spectrum of light appearing in the daytime sky. McClymont had re-created a rainbow in the dark, reducing it to its most simple and visible elements. At that moment you could see your own individual rainbow. A nighttime rainbow is something that describes ‘everything we are capable of seeing.’

About the artist:

Alistair McClymont often creates artworks through collaboration with scientists. He sees a close link with the way artists and scientists view the world. He has worked with meteorologists, a nuclear physicist, and at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centre in Washington using their ocean weather data and sunlight data. McClymont's previous work includes a 10ft high man-made tornado. 

Title: Dr Leon: Neural Enhancement 

Artists: Various artists

Interactive theatrical experience!

For Merge, Sofi Lee-Henson was commissioned to produce a feel-good immersive theatre performance where 20 minute sessions were booked in advance for the Dr Leon’s Better Chip, the pinnacle of neural wellbeing treatments. A better life was just around the corner. The implanted happy chip encouraged positive behaviour to help patients discover their better self. The aim was to bring out the very best in you and gently eliminate negativity.

‘Patients’ were seen by surgery staff which included a tailored BetterTM life consultation, personal sedative creation, the BetterTM Chip installation procedure and an exit meditation.

Director and designer: Sofi Lee-Henson

Camera and editor: Alexandre Do

Sound designer: Emmet O'Donnell

Starring: Miranda Mac Letten, Fania Grioriou, Flavia Bertram, James Carney, Omar Gordon, and the voice of Rosemary Rance. Lighting Designer - Ben Kearney, Costume - Lauren Bridle Sound Recording - Irfan Hassan.


Totally insane and worthwhile experience. Great Friday lunch break surprise. Thanks very much for doing this! Mark Leitner Murphy.


Title: Society of Nice

Artists: Created by the cast from an original idea by Jinni Lyons and Katy Schutte, performed by Jinni Lyons, Helen Foster and Jonah Fazel.

With the world in such a terrible state, the formerly secret Society of Nice was also a resident at The Feel Good Institute at unexpected times in order to recruit new members. Once you passed their rigorous training process, you was invited to be one of their agents.

About the artists:

The Society Of Nice are a rotating collective of performers, directors, Improvisers and comedians with a shared loved of creative live theatre that plays with audience agency and immersive experience.  The cast includes; Jonah Fazel - (BAFTA Winning History Bombs, CBeebies, Bumper Blyton Improvised Adventure); Jinni Lyons - (Jinni Lyons is an Only Child, Destination podcast, London and Liverpool Improvathons); Vicki Hawley- (Oxford Imps, Adventures of the improvised Sherlock Holmes); Toby Trimby - (The Flying Seagull Project, Craft Theatre, Bitesize Theatre, Wessex Actors Company).

Title: Lunch Beat

Dates: Thursday 21 and 28 June, 12.30pm - 1.30pm

Artists: Tyler Moorehead, Molly Ränge

The most important business lunch for members of the public who lived and worked in the area took time out to throw some shapes and get those endorphins released.  Just one hour of dancing left those who participated, feeling good for the rest of the day. Lunch Beat was all about playfulness, participation and community. Hosted by artist Tyler Moorehead.

This was a ticketed event (included lunch).

About the artist:

Lunch Beat was founded by Molly Ränge in 2010, 14 people attended the event. The underground movement kept growing and now Lunch Beat Stockholm attracts more than 600 people to monthly events, and has been arranged in over  
55 cities.

Title: Summer of Love

Artists: The Donnelly Brothers, YOUTH CLUB Archive




A special room to travel back in time to the 1988 Summer of Love with an interactive light and electronic music installation. The hedonism and rebellion of the times were recalled with a collection of photos throughout the space, while the music stimulating you to dance your heart out to celebrate the 30th anniversary.

The three brands most synonymous with this era - Gio Goi, Roland, and Smiley -  joined forces with YOUTH CLUB Archive at MERGE Bankside to co-curate a series of events that paid homage to this unforgettable era and spreading these collective memories to partygoers today.  

There was also a premiere screening of “They Call it Acid” by the Donnelly Brothers and a live event that was hosted at Omeara.


Title: Only When I Laugh 

Dates: 14, 21 and 28 June, 6pm - 7pm

Artists: Robin Linde Productions

Only When I Laugh.jpg


Theatrical laughter sessions with a twist… These comedic interactive workshops allow you to ‘reclaim your face’ when smiling becomes too much.

Laughter has been used as a therapeutic tool for many years; a contagious and universal emotion that brings people together and breaks down barriers. It relieves stress, relaxes the body and releases endorphins. Come and experience a laughter workshop our way in the Feel Good Institute.



Title:   Happy Guy

Artist: Tommo

Happy Guy Ad.jpg

Tommo is a London based photographer, film-maker and artist and has worked with many clients in Portraiture, Documentary Arts, Fashion and Music along with an extensive array of personal work. 'Happy Guy' is written, sung, played, and drawn by Tommo as part of his humorous roster of videos. His new video project is a sarcastic take on cooking, entitled ‘Credit Munch’. Videos for which are gradually being uploaded to the new ‘Credit Munch’ YouTube channel.  The Credit Munch Book was also featured on Channel 5's 'The Wright Stuff'.

Tommo also sings and plays bass in the Band ‘Mouse’ ( and films most of the bands video too. which can be viewed via Mousebanduk on Youtube.

Title:  Wormwood. Burdock and Birch Sap Shot

Artists: Bompas and Parr

Millions of sensory receptors in the mouth work in tandem with the brain to alert you to the nature of what you’re about to consume - which could potentially place you in danger. Danger excites the brain. Bompas & Parr explore healthy body frequencies and the elusive and mysterious wormwood herb. Wormwood, burdock and birch sap shooters will be served from Bompas & Parr’s Chaldni Punchbowl which emits a 25Hz frequency throughout, enabling guests to visualise the frequency of their drink.


Bompas & Parr Studio is globally recognised as the leading expert in multi-sensory experience design